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Debt Recovery

Vilcol has been successfully recovering debt since 1988. In that time our policies and resources have expanded to provide what we believe is the UK’s most effective and compliant debt recovery agency. Today we offer our debt collection services on a success-only basis, and only as an agreed percentage of the total outstanding debt. In this way, enlisting the help of Vilcol can be seen as financially risk-free.

All investigations will be conducted in accordance with all relevant UK and European legislation including the Data Protection Act 1998. We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority and all collections are conducted under their guidelines along with the Credit Services Association guidelines. To this end, we maintain a strict internal policy of identifying vulnerable customers and Treating Customers Fairly (TCF).

To assist in this matter all communication with debtors – whether in writing or via telephone – are carefully recorded. Regular audits are carried out to ensure that all processes are being followed to the letter.

Vilcol utilise a highly specialised and flexible debt collection procedure. Our new MIS computer system show five times more information on screen. Our collectors can monitor debtor response ten times quicker - stage by stage.

When you contact us we’ll work hard to understand your unique business, and will work alongside you to recover outstanding debts. Using our Remote Audit Facility we provide regular and ongoing communication, so you can maintain complete visibility as to our progress. You can send us instructions in any format and receive reports as per your requirements. Vilcol is a responsible call centre user avoiding 'Silent Calls' and concentrating on quality negotiations not predictive quantity.

All defaults and arrears payments will be recovered according to all UK Laws and compliance to the CCA and Data Protection Act 1998. All relevant regulations from the FCA and industry guidance on TCF from the FOS and the CSA including the and PCI-DSS.

Thanks to our extensive resources we are able to trace debt right across the UK, or even on a worldwide basis. To find out more about our debt recovery agency why not contact us today, or submit your information through our form?

[CCA - Consumer Credit Act; FCA - Financial Conduct Authority; TCF - Treating Customers Fairly; FOS – Financial Ombudsman Service; CSA – Credit Services Association and PCI-DSS Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standard]