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Outsourced Credit Control Services

Cash-flow is the lifeblood of any business. Outstanding credit can have a severe impact on any business, but it isn’t necessary to suffer in silence. With almost 30 years in the credit control industry Vilcol are experts and recovering outstanding debts, representing an all-important cash injection for your business.

Vilcol has extensive experience as a credit control company, allowing you to outsource expensive credit control functions. The process of outsourcing to Vilcol offers a highly scalable and cost-controlled way to manage outstanding invoices. This frees up both cash and people to concentrate on the company's core activity. Because it is a self-funding exercise, company cash flow will be dramatically improved.

Vilcol offer a proven, fully integrated sales ledger management service by acting as the principal on your behalf thereby providing a seamless service, integrating our collection services with your existing account management procedures.

Vilcol are known throughout the industry as one of the most experienced and reputable outsourced credit control services. Our goal is to maintain professionalism in all communication with debtors, ensuring your business reputation is maintained at all times.

We are fully-versed in liaising between businesses and their customers, including dispute resolution scenarios. Offering five different ways to settle outstanding invoices we see an impressive result.

The following benefits become immediately available to you and your customers:

  • Enhanced Cashflow
  • Speed of Action
  • Dedication
  • Consistency
  • Sophisticated Systems & Technology

These benefits are underpinned with:

  • Guarantees
  • Quality Standards
  • Reporting Performance
  • Bespoke Management
  • Internal/External Auditing

Furthermore, all work is carried out within all relevant UK and European legislation. Vilcol are proudly authorized by, and regulated by, the Financial Conduct Authority. We also subscribe the CSA guidelines and record all communication.

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We are fully compliant in call recording, and PCI DSS compliance. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority with Registration Number 677688