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Vilcol has over 25 years as a repossessions company, assisting businesses and private individuals to recover a range of assets. Over the years our operatives have developed a range of skills for the legal repossession of property including credit/debit cards, consumer goods such as computers and televisions and an assortment of vehicles from motorbikes to HGVs.

Vilcol offer a complete end-to-end repossession service which can be utilized either with or without the presence of bailiffs. Having instructed us our experts will utilize a proven range of strategies for obtaining the property in question.

Throughout the entire process you will be kept informed of progress. All our enforcement officers have received full training and operate fully within the law. All relevant legislation is adhered to in order to ensure you a legal and professional repossession service. Calls are recorded to ensure full compliance.

If necessary, we can arrange assistance from High Court Sheriff companies.

Once the rightful property has obtained this can be stored on your behalf, or alternatively delivered to auction.

As you can see, once enlisting the help of Vilcol you can sit back and relax safe in the knowledge that you’re dealing with one of the most established, experienced and complete repossession companies in the UK.

Best of all, we act on a success-only basis, meaning that only when we have confirmed that the repossession is complete will you be invoiced. Note that the only exceptions to this apply in cases where we have been sent to the wrong address, or where we have confirmed conclusively that the subject no longer holds the property in question.

Note that Vilcol also offer tracing services if desirable, so we can assist with investigations in advance of repossession where requested.

If you’re seeking help repossessing property within the UK then why not get in contact with our experienced team today to see how we can help?

We are fully compliant in call recording, and PCI DSS compliance.