Process Server Case Study: Serving a Restraining Order

Serving restraining orders or non-molestation orders

Restraining orders are a necessary step in ensuring the safety of individuals being threatened with abuse, or actively being abused. People can serve restraining orders against strangers who have been stalking them, or against spouses or people close to them who have been abusing them either physically, verbally, or mentally, or have been threatening to abuse them. At Vilcol, our professional process servers have the expertise to serve restraining orders and non-molestation orders in an efficient manner to ensure that the individual in harm’s way remains safe.


Case study – serving a knife-wielding chef

We recently served a chef with a restraining order for physically abusing his wife. We had previously served him two restraining orders, but they had both expired and we had to serve a third to make sure he stayed away from his wife. The third restraining order included a criminality clause, which meant that if he were to break the restraining order and be violent with her, she would go to the police, and he would be arrested immediately.

One of our top process servers was sent to his place of work to serve the newly updated restraining order, where he located the chef in the kitchen. Self-defence measured had to be employed as the chef was holding a knife when the papers were being served, and he became violent. Luckily, our server (who was a burly 6.5ft) was able to defend himself and neutralise the situation without injury and either party. He was able to serve the papers and leave.

A couple months later, our agent was invited to the same restaurant for dinner with a friend but declined the invitation.


Do you need to serve a restraining order or a non-molestation order?

If you need help serving a restraining order or a non-molestation order, at Vilcol we are ready to help. Our team of highly trained professionals have the expertise to deal with every kind of situation to ensure that your papers are swiftly and legally served. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us so we can discuss your situation with you and serve your papers as efficiently as possible.