Award-Winning Private Investigators

Award-Winning Private Investigators

Hire discreet, professional private detective investigation services. 

UK Private Investigators with 35+ Years Expertise


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Award-Winning UK Private Investigators 

Our experienced team have a vast depth of experience in: 

  • Investigating Accident & Injuiry Claims
  • Checking Tenant References
  • Investigating cheating spouses
  • Insurance claim investigations
  • Personal information searches
  • Matrimonial issues 
  • Surveillance & People Investigations
  • Employment references and CV verification search
  • Electronic and corporate fraud investigations
  • Divorce private investigations
  • Background checks on individuals or companies
  • Evidence gathering
  • Witness interviews
  • Undercover operations
  • Close protection
  • Security consultations
  • Corporate or financial (includes cyber fraud investigations)
  • Missing people 
  • Lost relatives 
  • Beneficiary traces 

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Vilcol is a highly trusted, double award-winning, private detective agency with a large team of highly-skilled private investigators. With over 38 years' of know-how and expertise behind us, we are one of the most expeirenced detective agencies in the UK.

Customers hire our expert private detectives (also called Private Eye Services) because they investigate in a highly discreet and reliable manner. All our private investigators a have solid expertise and extensive knowledge on how to get results.  

Our investigator team abides by the highest legal standards, which is what you should expect from an investigations agency.

There are boundaries in place when carrying out private investigations, and it's important you choose a trustworthy firm that operates strictly within the law.

UK Private Investigators Agency: Hire a Private Investigator

Hire Our Private Investigators. High Success Rate. 100% Legal. 

Vilcol is one of the UK's leading private investigation companies with an exceptional success rate. Our team takes on a variety of cases and will work closely with you to determine what is needed and what you want to achieve when instructing a private detective.

This goes for any case, whether you want information on a personal or business issue. A Vilcol private eye will conduct discreet surveillance, data retrieval and interviews, as well as a host of other services. Whatever your needs are, our experienced team has has you covered.


What types of information can a private investigator obtain?

Vilcol's private investigators are trained to the highest professional standards and can help you obtain information in many different areas.

We handle many different types of private investigation cases but our most common are around Suspected infidelity, Undercover operations, Financial and Background check investigation.  

Our team of hired private investigators have experience in information and data gathering, statement taking and presenting evidence in court. 

The work that a Vilcol private investigator will carry out on a client’s behalf meets the most exacting industry standards. When you deal with us, you’re dealing with the professionals.

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Hiring a professional investigator in cases of suspected infidelity

There’s little in life more disturbing than infidelity. 

You may have suspicions that the person you love and trust is having an affair. Or you may simply be caught in a whirlwind of confusion, knowing something is wrong but unable to pinpoint what exactly. 

It may sound cloak and dagger but hiring a private investigator for your cheating spouse could be your best option in helping you uncover the truth and achieve the clarity you need in order to take the appropriate action.


How a private investigator can ease a difficult process

Our professional private investigator team can help speed up what is often a slow and emotionally draining time if you are trying to establish the truth yourself. 

Our methods are efficient and within the law and drawn from years of experience. Our services are affordable and we have a 98% success rate.

Discretion is paramount when private investigators are looking into suspected cases of cheating partners and infidelity. Be assured, the person we will be investigating will not be made aware of it.


Skilled and highly competent private investigators

Our private detectives are skilled and highly competent. At Vilcol, we only hire the best so you can have peace-of-mind that you've hired the right help for the task at hand. 

While the truth may be painful, the evidence a private investigator can uncover can bring an end to the agonising uncertainty that blights lives so badly in cases of infidelity.

Being presented with hard facts can also help people to accept an outcome, however undesirable, which assists recovery in the long-term.

And of course, if your spouse or partner is found not to have been unfaithful, your concerns will have been allayed and you can enjoy peace of mind once more.

Our fees and blended private investigation services are determined by each individual case. Please get in touch to discuss your investigator requirements and for an estimation of our fees.


Quality and compliance: our watchwords

Vilcol is one of the leading private investigation agencies in the UK. 

Using the most sophisticated information-gathering techniques and a network of private investigators throughout the country, hiring our services can help you pursue the relevant avenues quickly and efficiently.

In financial investigations, Vilcol is a market leader in adopting the very latest technologies; quality and compliance are our watchwords.

We are ISO9001 accredited for our internal compliance standards. We are one of the longest serving members of the Credit Services Association. We were crowned British Small Business Champions by the Confederation of British Industry.

Vilcol has established connections to a range of databases and contacts around the world, enabling us to become one of the only British tracing agents to offer a truly global footprint.

In short, Vilcol is a private investigator company that you can rely upon – to get you the results you seek while staying within all relevant legislation.

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Private Eye Corporate Financial Investigations


Can Vilcol’s private investigators legally perform covert surveillance? 

Yes – all our surveillance techniques are within the law.

Once a private investigator is instructed on a case, they will use a range of covert surveillance techniques to gather evidence for a client. All our surveillance tactics are within the law and carried out by professionals who are highly discreet and professionally trained private eyes.

Vilcol’s detectives are skilled and trained in mobile, static and rural surveillance methods.


What evidence do private investigators gather?

Our private investigation services collate photographic and video evidence, as well data recovery of deleted messages, emails, phone calls and other hidden data. Our private investigators may also use GPS surveillance tracking as part of an investigation.

Whether you’re looking into employment references, financial investigations or divorce proceedings, we have a private investigator who can help you. 

We are a reliable and trusted company who's been operating for 38 years with impressive results.


Private Investigator Services UK


Hiring a private investigator to trace people

Every year people go missing and thousands of debtors default on their financial responsibilities, leaving landlords and businesses out of pocket.

If you’re looking for a UK private detective agency to help you find missing peopletrace a debtor, recover an outstanding debt or maybe trace someone for probate, then look no further than Vilcol. Based in London, but with a nationwide network of agents, our proven track record of tracing people both within the United Kingdom and internationally is unrivalled.

Vilcol boasts over 38 years of hands-on experience. Little wonder, then, that as one of the most established and sophisticated British tracing agents, clients such as Transport for London and government sponsored Start Up Loan Company have recruited our services.

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Private Detective Services


Private Investigator FAQs

Q: I want to hire a private investigator. Is it illegal? 

A: Hiring private British investigators is perfectly legal as long as you choose a professional and regulated agency like Vilcol. There are boundaries when it comes to private investigation and therefore it’s important you choose professional investigators that abide by the law. Get in touch to find out more. 


Q: How much is a private detective in the UK?

A: You might be wondering how much does a private investigator cost in the UK, and this is a fair question, but one we cannot answer in simple terms. The price of your private detective depends on the length of the investigation you are wanting to be conducted, and the specific requirements you've asked for. For a more comprehensive cost breakdown of your specific enquiry, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. 


Q: What is a private detective agency allowed to do? 

A: An authorised and regulated private investigator will only use legal methods to carry out their investigations.

A private detective can follow people, use GPS tracking, perform background checks, use social media and use public databases and open sources. 

A professional detective agency will also have access to sophisticated software to help them track down the relevant information they need for their specific investigation.


Private Surveillance Company


Q: How do your investigators find missing people or debtors?

A: Our private investigators are often instructed to find missing people be they old friends, lost relatives, estranged siblings or debtors. This may be for cases of probate or other legal procedures like settling a debt.

Members of the public face restrictions in locating details on missing person cases like dead-ends, limited records of dates of birth and phone numbers, or no access to professional people tracing tools like those we use. 

With access to numerous databases, combined with investigative experience, Vilcol offers unparalleled rates of success, across the UK and abroad. Besides sourcing and confirming the address of individuals we can also often provide other contact information such as telephone numbers and email addresses.


Q: When should I hire a private investigator? 

A: If you want to obtain information on the whereabouts of someone or the credibility of a person or company then a private investigator can assist with this.

In addition, many people enlist the help of a private investigator to run a check on potential employees or to find out if a spouse is being deceitful. A private detective is usually able to get results quickly and effectively, using methods that are not generally available to everyone.

We pride ourselves on being the most progressive and reputable private detective and collections company.

Based in London but with a nationwide network of agents, our proven track record of private investigations success and people tracing services both within the UK and internationally is unrivalled.

Q: How descreet are private investigators?

A: All our detectives are trained professionals, with years of expertise in their field. We understand that often times private matters of a delicate nature are at hand, and we conduct all our investiatrions with utmost diligence. Our ultimate aim is to provide service of the highest quality, with our investigations being conducted descreetly and efficiently. 


Divorce private investigations


Q: What other services can a UK private investigator agency provide?

As well as tracking missing people and debtors in the United Kingdom and internationally, a private investigator will also provide a range of other services like debt recovery and serving legal notices like court orders.

A Vilcol detective will be highly experienced in carrying out financial and corporate enquiries including due diligence and the production of credit check and pre and post litigation reports. From just a small amount of data we can usually find and verify contact details, current and past employment and directorships, together with property ownership.

We provide credit control services for businesses looking to recover outstanding invoices and help boost cashflow. All our detective investigation work is carried out in a professional and business-like manner, ensuring the very best financial and reputational outcome for your company.

Contact us to find out how a Vilcol private investigator can help your case.

Interested in a career in private investigations and tracing? Check out our guide on how to become a private investigator.


What our customers say


Thank you very much indeed for this report and for your prompt delivery.
I must say I am incredibly impressed with your service and will most definitely be using it again.
You definitely deserve a well earned drink this evening for that result!
My client is so chuffed as it means not having to push back court proceedings (which they have had to do before) as we can send the paperwork there so you have saved them a great deal of time and money which is fantastic!

Thanks again

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Customer Service Recommendation


Just a quickie to thank you for all your help and advice in the initial stages of this below case, over a year ago... I was so despondent initially, but you invited me to call, talked me through the necessary steps and recommended the transferring of it to the High Court etc
I have today received notification that they finally tracked her down and that her dad finally paid the debt which has now been transferred into my account, so all's well that ends well.
Many many thanks once again to yourself and your team and I will certainly recommend you to anyone I know who needs similar help.

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National Audit Office

The National Audit Office - NAO - sought to ascertain whether it was possible to trace current addresses for migrants that the UK Border Agency were unable to locate. Hence to ascertain whether there are more cost- effective methods the Agency could be using to trace overstayers and absconders & selected for this exercise.

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Client Account Manager

"We have had a number of these reports from
As a commercial credit management agency we have found the reports extremely useful when deciding how to progress some of our more difficult cases, as any positive information we can find can assist us with our overall collections"

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"We have been using Vilcol for 3 years now and I have to say they are one of the best tracing agencies in this sector. Quick, efficient, accurate and detailed information.

Any problems are being resolved effectively, always contactable, I would have no problem in recommending their services. Keep up the good work"

Law Society Council member representing women

"I needed to find a debtor who had supposedly moved abroad. Within 2 hours he was found living in Chiswick W4. I successfully reclaimed the debt for my client who was delighted and impressed"

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National Audit Office

The National Audit Office - NAO - sought to ascertain whether it was possible to trace current addresses for migrants that the UK Border Agency were unable to locate. Hence to ascertain whether there are more cost- effective methods the Agency could be using to trace overstayers and absconders & selected for this exercise.