Process Server Case Study: The Edgware Debt Evader

Sometimes the serving of legal documents for unpaid loans of debts can be complicated and require tact. At Vilcol, we have encountered many adverse situations where it has required some creative thinking on the part of our agents to serve papers in a legal and efficient manner.


Case study – The Edgware debt evader

One such situation was when we were asked to serve papers to a young individual who owed money to a credit card company, as he hadn’t paid off his debts. Using our private investigator services, we were able to locate him. He had been residing at his parents’ home which was located in an affluent area of Edgware, in Northwest London. Before approaching his home, we contacted the parents to inquire about the whereabouts of their son, and they denied that he was with them. Our agents made a visit to the home, but once again his parents denied that their son was there.

It's not uncommon for people to try to evade being served, and because of these difficulties we decided to send one of the senior members on our process server team to have a go at serving the young man. Our agent knocked on the door and his mother answered. She was distracted, talking on the phone, and asked our agent if he was there to view the house which was on the market at the time. Our agent didn’t answer her question directly, and quietly said that he was there to serve papers, but the mother had already turned her back to let him in and continued talking on the phone to her friend.  

He was shown around the house and when they reached upstairs, he motioned to a closed door and asked what was inside that room. The mother said her son, the individual about to be served, was asleep in his bedroom. The mother wandered off, still talking on the phone, and let our agent explore the house she believed he was interested in buying.

Instead of wandering around the premises, our agent let himself into the son’s bedroom and tapped the papers on the son’s head, told him he had been served, and slid the papers underneath the son’s pillow.

The young man didn’t wake up, and probably woke up later that day to find the papers nestled beneath his head. Even though the son didn’t wake up, the documents had been legally served and the job was done.


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