Process Server Case Study: Serving Trespass Injunctions

Trespass injunctions serve as a way to ask people to leave your property, premises, or land if they have trespassed onto it without permission. Trespass injunctions are often served to communities of people travelling across the country with no fixed address or location. People oftentimes tend to settle in a field or large open space for a while before moving on to their next location. In theory this is fine unless people choose to settle on someone else’s property without permission. In cases like these, the property owner can file a trespass injunction and ask people trespassing to leave their premises immediately. As we are certified process servers, we have the skills, experience, and knowledge to legally and safely serve trespass injunctions, even when presented with adverse situations.


Vilcol thinking creatively to serve trespass injunctions

We have been in situations where we have had to think outside the box when serving trespass injunctions. We were faced with a situation where we had to serve a trespass injunction to a community of people that had settled on a local recreation field in New Malden. They were being disruptive, rude to the locals, and the vehicles they had parked on the field were damaging the land.

We wanted to avoid any potential violence when serving the papers and knew from past experience that if our main process server tried to serve the papers it could lead to an altercation, as he was tall and can look imposing. His stature comes in handy in certain situations where there might be a potential threat physical threat, but in this case, we decided it was best to avoid any potential violence because the community were deemed aggressive and very volatile. Therefore, we decided to send one of our female process servers who was small in stature, non-threatening, and had a wealth of experience. She was able to expertly serve the papers and pacify the situation. We found this to be a great strategy that completed the task for our client and prevented unnecessary conflict.


Choose Vilcol when serving trespass injunctions

As certified process servers with years of combined experience, we have the tools and know-how to legally and efficiently serve trespass injunctions. We are able to think creatively and navigate at times sensitive situations in a way that ensures the safety of everyone involved, while serving the papers in a timely manner. If you have any questions, or require a certified process server to serve your trespass injunction, do not hesitate to get in touch so we can discuss the situation with you.