Process Server Case Study: Court Summons for Unpaid Fines

Serving court summons, much like the serving of any legal documentation must be done by a licensed professional, or a third, ‘uninterested’ party. For any legal documentation to be properly served to the person, the document must be physically handed to the person, or be tapped somewhere on their body. Because of this, it is usually easier to serve any court summons through a professional service such as Vilcol, as serving legal documents can sometimes pose unforeseen challenges. At Vilcol, we are more than equipped to handle any adverse stations with professionalism.


South London court papers

We were requested to locate and serve a woman living in South London for having outstanding unpaid fines. We were given her address and located her home, which was a charming house in South London. After knocking, the woman confirmed her identity which meant we were free to serve the papers to her. As one of our agents reached out to serve her the papers, she slammed the door onto his hand and shattered three of his fingers. Our UK-based process servers still managed to serve her the papers, and then escorted their injured colleague to the hospital.


Serving a woman in Holloway prison

Vilcol dealt with a county court judgement case, wherein we were asked to serve a woman serving prison time in Holloway prison. Our agent was escorted through the prison by guards so that he could serve the papers in person. Once in the woman’s cell, our agent was able to serve her the necessary court summons. It is important to note that as our process server was a licensed professional, it was easier for him to be admitted into the prison in order to serve the papers. A lay person would have had to go through a more thorough process in order to be admitted and allowed to serve the court summons.


Serving court summons

If you are looking for expert process servers to serve court summons for unpaid fines, or any other reason, do not hesitate to contact us. At Vilcol, we pride ourselves on our success rates which are due to our years of expertise in both the people tracing industry and with process serving. We are more than happy to help you serve court summons in an efficient and professional manner.