Process Server Case Study: Serving The Social Jet-setter

A bankruptcy petition is an application to the court for someone’s assets to be taken and sold in order to cover any debts they might have. The petition can be made by a debtor themselves or his or her creditors. With the courts approval the debtors’ assets are sold and the funds distributed between creditors to pay for the debts the person may owe to their creditors, that they can otherwise not cover as they do not have the sufficient funds to do so.

The bankruptcy petition is usually presented by a creditor or a representative on the basis that the debtor is unable to pay their debts. As with any of our process server service enquiries, bankruptcy requires care and tact. As such, it is always best to go to seasoned professionals such as Vilcol to serve any bankruptcy petitions as we have the knowledge and experience to legally and efficiently serve petitions.


Serving a social jetsetter

In the 1980s we were asked to serve an international jetsetter with bankruptcy papers as he owed a considerably large sum of money. A finance company started proceedings against him, but they were unable to locate him and could give us no indication as to his last whereabouts since he travelled around a lot.

The individual was a socialite, and never stayed in one location for long, making him hard to track down. Before our high-tech equipment and ease of search thanks to the internet, we had to find intelligence with a large network of contact in order to locate someone. Journalists were some of the most reliable sources of information, as they collected little snippets of stories and clues that we could use to locate the individual and serve him. We contacted a trusted journalist contact and asked them to send us any information they could find. It turns out that the out that the individual we had been searching for was already serving four years ‘at her majesty’s pleasure’ for corporate fraud. Our agents found him and visited him in his prison cell to serve his bankruptcy petition.


Do you need help serving a bankruptcy petition?

If you are looking to serve a bankruptcy petition, you can trust Vilcol to do the job. Our team of clever, quick-thinking professionals have years of experience backing our high success rates. If you have any questions or would like to get the process started, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.