Process Server Case Study: Serving Divorce Papers

Serving divorce papers

Divorce is always a difficult process, even when separations are amicable. Vilcol is often called upon to serve divorce papers by family law lawyers to ensure the process can be concluded in an efficient manner. Combining our people tracing and experience in process serving has come in handy on multiple occasions.

We have had experiences where the spouse being served had disappeared, likely because they were unwilling to receive their divorce papers and wanted to evade being served. On occasions, we have had to hunt people down at some interesting locations, including their country club, their workplace, their new partner’s address, their favourite pub, and even their habitual morning coffee shops, to serve them the papers they have otherwise avoided being served.

Think that’s extreme? Here’s a couple of recent examples of celebrities being served divorce papers. 

Petition for divorced served by our UK Process Servers

Rupert Murdoch served for divorce

As many of you will know, Rupert Murdoch was famously served his divorce papers as he was preparing to board his private jet. He was married to former supermodel Jerry Hall for six years until she filed for divorce, claiming she was ‘devastated’, but that their marriage had broken down.

As some of you may know, any form of legal documentation must be served by physically touching the person being served, either by handing it to them or by tapping it on their person. Otherwise, the documents haven’t been served legally. Luckily, ex-police officer turned private investigator, Michael Colacicco, who served Murdoch his papers caught him just in time before he jetted away, otherwise serving him would have required some people-tracing and other forms of investigation which would have taken much more time.

Apparently, Murdoch was shocked by the divorce papers, but legally was required to respond.


The serving of Olivia Wilde’s divorce papers was ‘vicious’

Olivia Wilde, the 38-year-old actress turned director was served her divorce papers on stage while delivering a speech about her film Don’t Worry Darling. A process server climbed onto the stage and handed her the divorce papers, which she read, and then continued to give her speech. While effective, this method was probably not the most subtle or respectful way to serve divorce papers, and at Vilcol we employ more skilful techniques. Still, it got the job done.


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