5 Top Tips on Tracing a Person

Trying to trace a person is never an easy task to do alone, but with the technology-driven world we now live in you have a variety of tools at your fingertips to trace a person. Whether you want to find a lost person or a locate a debtor, at Vilcol, we have years of experience and a depth of expertise in tracing people, it is what we do after all! There can be many reasons as to why you want to trace a person, whether it is a long-lost family member or someone who owes you or your company money. Below we outline the top tips for tracing a person.

Tip 1: Hire a tracing service company

One of the best ways to trace a person is to hire a tracing services company like Vilcol. Finding a person in the UK can appear straightforward, however it requires time and investigative work. Vilcol find people quickly and efficiently in the UK and overseas through a variety of investigation and reporting work. Hiring a tracing service will be beneficial for you if you do not know where to start when tracing a person, it will also be time efficient for you. 
By using a specialist tracing agent, you can be assured that you are using the best in the business; trained private investigators will take on your case and do their upmost to give you a detailed and accurate report of the person you need tracing. 

Tip 2: Use social media

If you do not require the help from a private investigator or tracing person agency, you are probably trying to trace someone on a much smaller scale, maybe an old school friend or a work colleague. One of the best ways to find out what someone is up to nowadays is their social media profiles. Social media is an accessible way to find out what someone you have lost touch with it up to in recent times. It isn’t a platform to use when you are looking for a missing person, but it may give you some insight into what an old school friend has been up to for the last ten years. 
Social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter are amongst the most popular for people to converse through. Reaching out to an old friend is a common and easy process in our current digital age. If you are wanting to trace a person who you have lost contact with but cannot find anything through social media, hiring a private investigator might be the next step in your process. 

Tip 3: Do a Google search

The internet is a place of many wonders and doing a Google search on someone may give you a lot of information on what that person has been up to in recent times. Google searches through archives of news articles, images and informative pieces of information posted on the internet to find the best matches to your search queries. 
Searching the persons name that you are trying to trace will give you all relevant information found on that full name. Sometimes people are not easy to trace and can seem invisible on the internet. If this is the case, Vilcol can help to trace the person you are looking for!

Tip 4: Talk to people they know

A simple and easy task to do when trying to trace a person is to talk to people they know. If you are looking for someone who is known to you, it may be easier to get information from the people that are in their life. A great way to start these conversations with the correct people is after an initial social media and google search of the person. This will give you information on the people who could currently be in their life, and then you can start the conversation. Do keep in mind that people will be a bit wary as to why you want information on a person and may not give it out too easily. 

Tip 5: Keep it legal 

Remember to keep any activities when tracing a person legal. Make sure you do all research around the legalities around tracing a person. Hiring a private investigator is perfectly legal if you choose a professional and regulated agency like Vilcol. There are boundaries when it comes to private investigation and therefore it is important you choose an agency that abides by the law.