Client Case Study: People Tracing for Suspended Employee

At Vilcol, we are frequently contacted by institutions and lawyers who need our assistance to trace a missing individual who is involved in a legal case. Recently, we were contacted by the Midwifery Council to help trace a nurse who had been wrongfully suspended. 


After an incident at work, the nurse had been suspended from her job with a review pending. The review found her not at fault for the incident and her job was reinstated. However, during this time the nurse appeared to have disappeared. 


Without a current address, the nurse could not be contacted to be informed of the reviews findings, nor offered her job back, and so Vilcol’s tracing agents were called in to help find her. We used a combination of social media and recent records and discovered that, following losing her job, the nurse had returned to live in the Philippines with her family. 


We were able to provide our client with up-to-date contact information and an address, allowing them to move forward with the case. They wrote to the nurse and informed her of the review and offered her her job back should she wish to return to the UK.