Client case study: Probate tracing for beneficiaries

Vilcol is the leading tracing agency in the UK who specialise in probate tracing for wills and beneficiaries. We see countless cases from solicitors and families every year who find themselves unable to execute a loved one's will due to a beneficiary moving away or changing contact details and becoming unreachable. This issue can massively impact a solicitor’s ability to carry out a will, and so Vilcol can step in to help with our expert probate tracing services. 


Vilcol recently tackled an instance of probate tracing where a family estrangement meant the solicitor could not find the beneficiary to the will, and needed a trace on the missing individual. The solicitor’s clients had both passed away in a care home and a family disagreement some 20 years prior had pushed their son out of their lives for good. He had no idea that both of his parents had passed away, and his updated contact details were not included in the will. As the beneficiary to his parents estate, it was vital that the solicitor locate the son in order to execute the will.


Our tracing agents were able to uncover that the son had moved around Europe throughout the years, unbeknownst to his parents. He had immigrated from the UK to Spain and Portugal before settling in Malta. Using public records and our decades of experience, we were able to quickly find the relevant contact information for the son in Malta. This was then passed on to the solicitor, who was able to get in touch with him to finalise the will.