Client Case Study: FCA Pensions

As an FCA authorised agency, Vilcol frequently works with banks and building societies to help trace missing individuals and debtors. One of the most common cases we receive is building societies who need to find an updated customer address for those receiving pensions. 


By law, pension providers are required to have the current address of all of their customers, so they can be notified of any changes to the policy. Of course, as people move houses, or move abroad, this data can quickly become out of date. Our tracing agents are able to trace these customers using public records like the voting register. They can then provide this information to the pension provider. 


This process is typically done once a year, so that pension providers uphold the FCA standards and regulations. Our tracing agents have decades of experience behind them that enables them to trace many individuals efficiently. 


We also work with the FCA to handle debt management issues. It is not uncommon for debtors to move around in an attempt to shake off their debts, or for letters regarding debts to end up at a person’s old address. We work alongside debt management companies to ensure that they also have the correct contact information so that they can always reach the customer when they need to.