People tracing: how we do it

International people tracing in corporate cases

Vilcol’s trusted people tracing services are used by individuals and big corporate companies.

In one such business case, we were approached to find a person by a UK-based multi-national whose registered offices were in Monaco. 

The company needed to track down a major shareholder because of an imminent board meeting. The person was last known to be based in Monaco but the company had not had contact since 2017.

They agreed the fees as advertised on our website but it soon became apparent that we could not complete the enquiry using UK-based resources. We advised the client that, as part of our international trace services, we would need to instruct our associates in Monaco to conduct enquiries. A retainer fee was agreed and paid to cover these costs. 

Within eight hours our associates were able to report back that the subject was now thought to be living in the UK and a possible address was supplied.

As a result of further people tracing enquiries in the UK, Vilcol was able to supply our client with the subject’s home address, home phone number and a mobile number. Furthermore, we provided information on two other properties he owned and was using in other parts of the country.

We supplied all this information within 48 hours of the initial instruction.


People tracing in cases of probate 

Our people tracing services are used in a variety of situations including in cases of probate. In one of these such cases, Vilcol was instructed by a solicitor to locate a client’s stepsister.

We successfully concluded this case within five days. We were then approached by the solicitor’s client directly to ask if we could assist in another highly complicated probate matter.

The client’s father had married a woman from the Far East. They had returned to the UK and had another daughter. When he unfortunately died unexpectedly, the stepmother returned to her country of origin, where she also died a few years later.

In 2010, a long and complicated probate case began. The client received numerous messages from alleged siblings of the stepmother for money. She suspected the following:

  1. That the stepmother was already married when she married the client’s father,
  2. That the stepmother had entered into a bigamous marriage
  3. That she already had two other children
  4. That she was using a fake name, and
  5. That she had lost her immigration status to enter the UK because of the reasons above. 

As well as having solid expertise in international investigations and people tracing, Vilcol is known for its reliable, well-regarded and highly trusted probate search service.

We informed the client that we could help her gain the necessary information and evidence she required like birth, marriage and death certificates, but that it would cost between the £5,000 and £10,000 range.

This was because of the convoluted aspects of the case that meant more intense involvement would be required of our international people tracing network.

We persuaded her not to instruct us until she had exhausted all avenues with her lawyers. Instead we provided her with pertinent background information, knowledge built up from our vast experience of tracing people in different parts of the world.

This information contained insight on the cultural differences that existed in her stepmother’s country and similar countries in the region which helped answer the question of the stepmother’s other children. It also helped her understand the use of a Westernised names instead of original native names.

We are now happy to report that since her lawyers became involved, our client has mostly dealt with her father’s tumultuous ten-year probate case. She is living a far less stressful life and the relentless requests for money have ceased. Funds from her father’s probate will soon be dispersed to the appropriate parties. 


Debtor tracing and financial scam enquiries

We received an enquiry for our debtor tracing services through our website from a woman who had invested in Bitcoin via a Dallas-based company.

The company had repeatedly asked the woman to invest more money and after she declined, they went quiet.

She asked Vilcol’s debtor tracing service to locate the company and their brokerage in order to get her initial investment back.

However, when she advised us of the company’s trading address, we instantly recognised it. Our debtor tracing investigators had encountered people and companies associated with the address five times in the previous twelve months.

Luckily for this woman, she had not invested too much money and we told he to save her investigation fee as it would be bad money after bad. 

Vilcol is a team of reliable and trustworthy debtor tracing experts. We only take on instructions to find someone who owes money if we believe we can help achieve the desired outcome for a client.

If we think the locating a debtor is not financially viable, we tell you so. You can then make your own decision on how to proceed.